BMW Fast Lane Service.

Your BMW belongs on the road. Which is why we are introducing the BMW Fast Lane Service - a quick and convenient express service that offers a range of maintenance and servicing tasks, all of which can be completed within 2 hours.

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Simply book a Service Appointment for your BMW by calling our service hotline, accessing the Performance Care app or submitting an online booking form. All you have to do next is drive your BMW down to the allocated centre and leave the rest to us. While waiting, make the most of your time by relaxing in our comfortable lounge area with a beverage and newspaper in hand or simply finish-off your work using our complimentary wireless network. Before you know it, your BMW is ready to be driven off.

All our service packages include checking of control messages, indicator and warning lamps and resetting of service display in accordance to factory specifications.

An assurance of quality
As an authorized BMW dealer, we care deeply about providing you with the highest standards of quality service. Our state-of-the-art workshops and highly trained technicians will ensure that your car gets serviced quickly and efficiently using only original BMW parts.


Services offered:

Option 1 - Engine Oil Service

To reduce friction wear of parts in the engine, only BMW Approved Engine Oil and Oil filters are used during the change. In addition, our skilled technicians will check the parking brake and intake silencer (only valid on the 3rd Engine Oil Service) by replacing the air cleaner element.

Options 2 & 3 - Front or Rear Brakes Service

Old and worn brake pads reduce brake efficiency. This service includes the changing of brake pads and sensors, cleaning the brake wells and the checking of surface and thickness of brake discs, replacing if necessary.

Option 4 - Brake Fluid Service

For full dynamic brake function, brake fluid change is important due to usage and its contamination will lead to poor performance. With this service, only BMW Approved Fluids are used.

Option 5 - Microfilter Service

Our skilled technicians will check your BMW’s microfilter / activated carbon filter, replacing them if necessary.

Option 6 - Spark Plug Service

For a smooth engine run and good ignition starts, replacing the spark plugs in your BMW will help to improve engine performance and give you better fuel consumption.

Option 7 - Tyre Replacement

Braking, cruising, cornering, accelerating - Situations where a set of good quality tyres are vital in ensuring road comfort, safety and driving dynamics. We only offer BMW Approved tyres for your BMW.

Option 8 - Wiper Blades Replacement

To ensure good visibility during wet weather conditions, replacing a set of BMW wiper blades will enhance your driving safety and pleasure.

After servicing, your BMW will get a complimentary wash so all you need is drive it off. So why wait. The BMW FAST LANE SERVICE is available at Sime Darby Business Centre and East Coast Centre. Please approach our Customer Service Advisors for more information.


You want your BMW serviced, but would rather not have to do without it for a whole day? Call us and make an appointment. We’ll check if the service you require can be carried out promptly by BMW Fast Lane Service. We’ll discuss the work that needs to be done and agree on the cost and duration in advance. Your BMW will receive first-class service and be ready for collection after the agreed period of time. Have a good trip!