Connectivity Technologies.

From day to day our world is becoming more interconnected. Wherever your path may lead, with BMW ConnectedDrive you remain in contact. Take advantage of tomorrow’s technologies today and open up an exceptional form of mobility. Discover intelligent and intuitive innovations that connect you and your BMW to the outside world even more closely.

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With the permanently installed SIM card in your BMW, you can use innovative BMW ConnectedDrive functions such as BMW TeleServices, Concierge Services, Internet, Remote Services and Real Time Traffic Information in many countries around the world with ease. Without needing your own mobile phone. At the same time, the Integrated SIM card is a prerequisite for using these services. If you order either the ConnectedDrive Services or Intelligent Emergency Call options, the SIM card is installed directly in your vehicle. This makes it accident-proof and assures you of a direct link to the outside world even in difficult situations.

  • Requirements/availability

    • In all vehicles ordered with the SA6AE (BMW TeleServices)
    • The SA6AE (BMW TeleServices) option can only be booked in conjunction with SA6AK (ConnectedDrive Services) of SA6AC (Intelligent Emergency Call)


The Navigation system Professional impresses with its design and superlative range of services. The high-resolution colour display provides a unique look. Sharp contrasts and a crystal clear presentation provide the basis to ensure excellent legibility. The system excels with its quick start function, lightning-fast route calculation, individual tips on reducing consumption and the 3-D map navigation for easy guidance in the city.

In its latest generation the Navigation System Professional in connection with BMW ConnectedDrive regularly carries out automatic updates of the navigation maps. As soon as updated material is available for the selected region, the update is transferred by mobile telephony thanks to the permanently installed SIM card – and this takes place up to four times a year. The update incurs neither licence fees nor transmission costs. Without the need to register or log in to a portal, the navigation system is always equipped with up-to-date maps. Even during the update process, the navigation function remains available without any restrictions.

Navigation system professional.

Experience the film on this equipment option.

  • Requirements/availability


    • Navigation system Professional is available for majority of the vehicles
    • Screen size vary from 8.8” to 10.2”


Using the iDrive Touch Controller, you operate the iDrive system in your BMW comfortably with one hand. Thanks to the touchpad integrated within the controller you can, for example, enter destinations for the navigation system conveniently in your own handwriting. You can also call up and adjust a large number of functions as well as scroll through lists. Operation is effortless and intuitive using the sense of touch – this significantly reduces the burden on you the driver because it only makes minimum demands on your concentration which is otherwise directed towards events on the road. The Control Display allows you to follow all the functions managed via the controller.

  • Requirements/availability


    • Available in many BMW models as from 07/13. Until July 2013, the iDrive Controller will continue to be installed; it enables you to operate entertainment, information, communication and navigation functions intuitively.


The equipment includes a built-in BMW WiFi hotspot using the LTE standard, which allows for a paid internet connection. Passengers can then go online with all suitable devices, work on emails, stream music and videos, and much more. The hotspot ensures that there are no obstacles to enjoying a fascinating mobile internet experience with the maximum LTE standard while on the move.

This function is compatible with a huge array of devices, such as BMW Touch Command, laptops, tablets and mobile phones from various manufacturers. Up to ten devices can be connected to the BMW WiFi hotspot at the same time.

The vehicle is connected via the built-in SIM card with a fee-based hotspot plan HotSpot Drive from Deutsche Telekom AG. If no LTE network is available, the system automatically switches to other available standards. Since the service is connected to the external aerial, exposure to radiation in the interior of the car is very low.

Always connected with the BMW WiFi hotspot.

  • Requirements:
    • Telephony with Wireless Charging (SA 6NW)
    • Navigation system Professional (SA 609)
    • data transfer is provided by means of a SIM card installed in the vehicle
    • conclusion of a data tarif contract (current provider: Deutsche Telekom AG)

    The BMW WiFi hotspot is available in selected countries


The BMW display key shows various information about the vehicle's status and allows selected functions to be controlled via the integrated touch display.

The time can be displayed, along with remaining fuel and current range, service notifications, as well as the current status of the central locking system, the windows and the glass roof. In addition, the following equipment can be operated via the BMW display key: Remote Control Parking and Auxiliary heating.

The BMW display key can be charged wirelessly, or with the included USB cable.


Telephony with wireless charging incorporates a wireless charging dock and an integrated warning system in case the phone is forgotten. In addition, two fully functional USB ports are available, each with up to two amperes of charge current for quickly charging mobile devices. The technical capacity for a WiFi hotspot allows for the fee-based use of a service provider's hotspot plan.

The roof aerial ensures that mobile reception is at least as good as it is outside of the vehicle. A second microphone with an additional volume control ensures optimum comprehensibility when using the hands-free function, even from the front passenger seat.

Two mobile phones and a mobile audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. The telephony package includes Bluetooth Office with access to the calendar, SMS and email functions for compatible smartphones. Additionally, a wireless NFC interface enables mobile phones to be connected to the vehicle quickly and easily.


With the BMW Car Hotspot your passengers can also surf the Internet with their smartphones, tablets or laptops at any time during the journey. Installation of the hotspot is quick and easy thanks to the snap-in adapter in the central armrest. Up to eight devices can receive high-speed Internet at the same time with the new LTE (long-term evolution) wireless communication standard. Wi-Fi in your BMW permits faster data transfer, improved reception, reduced electromagnetic radiation and extended battery life. It can also be used outside of the vehicle for up to 30 minutes.

  • Requirements/availability


    • Own LTE-capable SIM card necessary
    • An 8-digit PIN has to be entered when first establishing a connection with the Hotspot. For devices with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, simply move the device a short distance above the LTE lettering, and coupling takes place automatically
    • The BMW Car Hotspot LTE is not available in all countries