BMW ConnectedDrive from A to Z.

Do you have questions about BMW ConnectedDrive? Are you looking for a specific item of equipment? Or would you like more in-depth information? Then you'll be sure to find the answer in our BMW ConnectedDrive glossary.

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  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go

    Relaxed driving even in heavy traffic: Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function keeps you at a constant distance from the vehicle ahead at all times. If the traffic comes to a halt, the system applies the brakes until the vehicle comes to a standstill and then automatically moves on as soon as the road is clear.
    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function has primarily been developed for journeys on motorways and major roads. Three radar sensors with a range of up to 150 metres permanently scan the carriageway in the direction of travel. When you approach a vehicle in front, the engine management and brakes adjust your speed so that the distance is automatically kept constant – and if necessary, the vehicle comes to a standstill.
    When the lane ahead becomes clear or the vehicle in front speeds up, Active Cruise Control accelerates again until you reach your desired speed. To move off again after the vehicle has stopped, the driver has to give the command to accelerate manually, either by briefly pressing the accelerator or pressing a button. If the stop lasts from 1 to 3 seconds, the vehicle moves off automatically. Up to four cruising speeds can be pre-programmed and called up at the push of a button. The operating range extends from 30 to 180 km/h.
    The distance to be maintained is calculated in seconds rather than metres, which means you have a sufficient time to react at any speed. The comfort-centred assistance system additionally offers a high level of safety. A tight curve is registered via the DSC data and the navigation system, and then the speed is adjusted accordingly.
    On multilane carriageways, the system detects whether another vehicle is only driving on the adjacent lane. Furthermore, if you wish to resume full control of the vehicle at any time, all you have to do is briefly press the accelerator or brake in order to deactivate the system.
    Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function is not an autopilot. Consequently, if the vehicle ahead brakes harder than expected or if the system detects a critical situation, the driver receives acoustic and optical prompts to take action. Driving in heavy traffic thus becomes noticeably easier and tiring situations such as traffic jams become easier to master with greater concentration.

  • Active Protection

    Active Protection is the BMW ConnectedDrive preventive passenger protection system. Active Protection warns the driver if it detects signs of tiredness, safety belts are pretensioned in critical situations, electric seats are returned to upright positions and the windows and sliding roof are closed. After an accident occurs, the brakes are automatically applied until the car reaches a standstill.

  • Amazon Cloud Player App

    Amazon Music app is now BMW Apps ready and you can browse, search and playback your cloud music right from the dashboard of your BMW. The app offers browsing by category such as genre, artist, album and track, as well as a free text search. In your personal Amazon cloud storage you’ll have all the music purchased from Amazon’s physical and digital music store as well as music uploaded via Scan&Match.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it from the App Store®, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    The availability of the Amazon Music app may vary from country to country.

  • Audible

    With the app Audible for iPhone®, iPad®, Android and Windows Phone you have download access to more than 80,000 audio books.

    The app offers additional functions such as a sleep mode, button-free navigation, playback during download or transfer of the audio books from your library to your iPhone® via Wi-Fi.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store®, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    The availability of Audible may vary from country to country.

  • AUPEO! Personal Internet Radio

    Your personal Internet radio. Now you can listen to what you want. No matter what artists you like or what mood you are in.
    Discover new music from your favourite genre or from one of the more than 150 edited radio stations. You can mark any tracks you like and thus adapt the stream to your taste.
    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

  • Bluetooth interface

    The Bluetooth interface from BMW ConnectedDrive integrates smartphones into the intuitive display and control concept.
    This enables direct access to the most important data and functions of the mobile phone inside the vehicle – and is extremely safe and comfortable to use. You can also connect another mobile phone at the same time. A BMW snap-in adapter (accessory) is available for certain devices. It connects the telephone to the vehicle’s aerial and simultaneously charges the battery. Bluetooth Audio Streaming allows the interface to wirelessly transmit music data to the vehicle’s audio system.
    If your mobile phone supports Bluetooth transmission, you can view your e-mails, text messages, telephone lists, contacts, calendar entries and current track information on the Info Display while listening to music. The text-to-speech function lets you hear contents via the audio system. Depending on the equipment installed, the mobile phone can be operated by the intuitive iDrive Controller, functional bookmarks, multifunctional steering wheel or Voice Control.

  • Bluetooth Office

    Your smartphone makes lots of things easier: you can receive e-mails everywhere, organise your appointments, plan your schedule for the day. The BMW ConnectedDrive Bluetooth Office integrates many functions in the main menu of your vehicle.
    Much more than just phoning: the features of latest-generation smartphones transform them into high-performance mobile communication centres, which you can now also use effectively in your BMW. The Bluetooth interface in your car provides access to the most important office functions all the time. View your appointments, calendar entries, information and messages conveniently on the vehicle display or use the text-to-speech function to listen to them through the loudspeakers of your audio system.
    You can display your appointments for the past 20 and next 50 days, and any phone numbers noted in your entries can be quickly and easily selected to call your contact. And, of course, pictures of callers are displayed, too: the Control Display lets you see exactly who is on the line whenever you receive an incoming call. BMW ConnectedDrive guarantees the absolute mobility of your mobile phone – and always keeps you right up to date.

  • BMW Car Hotspot LTE

    Need to check your bank balance on the move or look something up on Wikipedia? The BMW Car Hotspot allows you to use the time you spend in your car productively or for relaxation.
    Various devices, including an iPad, laptop and games consoles, can all access a wireless Internet connection at the same time, via either a SIM card inserted in the BMW Car Hotspot or a mobile phone with a SIM access profile. The BMW Car Hotspot is fitted into the centre armrest, using a snap-in adapter, with a combination of LTE, UMTS (HSDPA) and GSM technology ensuring the best possible connection. A visual display shows the current connection status. International roaming can be switched off by the user. Use of the roof antenna guarantees optimum reception and reduces radiation inside the vehicle.

  • BMW Connected

    BMW Connected is your personal mobility assistant which facilitates everyday mobility and assists drivers in reaching their destinations relaxed and on time. All relevant services are also remotely available at all times iPhone®,Apple Watch®, Android Smartphone and Samsung Gear S2/3. Destinations that have been found on application such as Yelp, Apple Maps and Google Maps can be easily and conveniently imported into BMW Connected and seamlessly transferred to the vehicle's navigation system with just a single click.

    Meetings including addresses and intended arrival times that are saved in the smartphone calendar are automatically imported into the BMW Connected mobility agenda. Based on current location and traffic conditions, BMW Connected calculates the planned arrival time, informs you in time and guides you on your walk from the parked car to the final destination. If a delay is inevitable due to unforeseeable traffic conditions, or if no parking space is available in the immediate vicinity of the final destination, you can send a text message via BMW Connected to inform those waiting for you of your estimated time of arrival without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

    In addition, BMW Connected learns to recognize frequent destinations and automatically adds them to the mobility agenda. The BMW Connected App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • BMW Connected+

    BMW Connected+ integrates the BMW Connected app more deeply in your daily journey within your BMW. Enjoy a more seamless experience between all BMW Connected touchpoints and your BMW and benefit from personalized services powered by BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud.

  • BMW ConnectedDrive

    BMW ConnectedDrive represents the intelligent linking of vehicle, driver and outside world. It makes sure you’re always so connected, you’re free.

    The interplay between the many and varied BMW ConnectedDrive Digital Services and the intelligent BMW Personal CoPilot Driver Assistance systems supports BMW drivers in every respect – be it for more comfort, entertainment during the journey or that reassuring feeling of safety on all routes.

    BMW unites a unique range of equipment options under the term BMW ConnectedDrive and offers drivers an exceptional form of mobility. Or, to put it simply: more sheer driving pleasure.

  • BMW Head-Up Display

    Don’t lose sight of the important things: the BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly into the driver’s line of sight. This allows drivers to process it up to 50 per cent faster and keep their attention where it belongs – on the road.

    A projector located behind the instrument panel, which beams its image onto the windscreen, provides the technical basis for the BMW Head-Up Display. The result is a high-resolution, broad-format colour display that remains easy to read regardless of the lighting conditions.

    A system of mirrors causes the projection to appear at a distance of roughly 2 metres above the tip of the bonnet. The advantage of this is that the driver’s eyes do not have to keep refocusing as they switch between the far and close-up ranges.

    The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display in many new-generation BMW models offers drivers an even greater level of comfort. Several colours now make it even easier to distinguish between general information for the driver, such as speed limits and navigation instructions, and urgent warning signals. Important information such as “Pedestrian in the road” (in conjunction with the optional BMW Night Vision) is now even clearer and more easily recognisable – thus reducing the driver's reaction time. The iDrive Controller allows vertical and horizontal adjustment of the BMW Head-Up Display to obtain the optimum projection. With this extended image rotation, the BMW Head-Up Display thus offers individual setting options. The driver’s vision is thus directed towards the essentials at all times – the most important information and the road.

    Apart from the vehicle speed, which is permanently on view, the BMW Head-Up Display can also show other content depending on the model and equipment. Examples include rpm, navigation instructions such as Guiding information with intersection zoom and Lane Guiding, Speed Limit Info and the status of the Active Cruise Control. BMW Personal CoPilot Driver Assistance warnings and the Check Control are also shown in the BMW Head-Up Display, e.g. pedestrian recognition from BMW Night Vision or the Collision Warning.

    Drivers can configure the BMW Head-Up Display to their requirements using the iDrive Controller.

  • BMW M Laptimer App

    With the BMW M laptimer app, driving data from the racetrack can be accurately recorded, bend by bend, and then analysed with the aim of improving driving performance. The app uses BMW sensors to collect detailed data from the vehicle and shows selected results in the Control Display. The system is operated via the iDrive Controller. The BMW M laptimer also incorporates an interface for GoPro cameras.

    While it is recording, the BMW M laptimer app shows the GPS position, speed, forward acceleration, lateral acceleration (Gforce), lap times and acceleration up to a certain speed (e.g. from 0 to 100 km/h). Depending on the vehicle equipment and model year, factors measured may also include the accelerator position, steering angle, deceleration, rpm and gear, as well as fuel consumption.

    The recorded information can be shared as a snapshot on social media while the data saved can be sent via email.

  • BMW Night Vision

    Best possible visibility for maximum safety at night: BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot detects pedestrians in the dark even from a long distance – and selectively illuminates them.
    The system directs one of two separately controllable high-performance light spots onto any unlit pedestrians. The light very effectively warns drivers and pedestrians of a potentially hazardous situation. When the headlights are dipped, the lenses of the Dynamic light spot lamps are additionally illuminated as design elements.
    An infrared camera films the area in front of the vehicle and warns the driver of people on the road. The system recognises objects shaped like human beings and shows them as yellow thermal images. This picture is simultaneously analysed by a control device and can be shown in the Control Display if desired.
    BMW Night Vision with Dynamic light spot recognises people and determines their position and proximity. It takes the speed and steering angle into consideration to establish whether or not something poses a problem and, if there is one, shows a warning symbol in the instrument display or in the optional BMW Head-Up Display. In extremely dangerous situations a warning signal is sounded in addition to the optical warning and the car prepares to brake.
    Depending on the surroundings, the system automatically recognises people from approximately 100 m away, but the driver can see them in the picture from even greater distances.

  • BMW Online Applications

    The browser apps available under BMW Online Applications support you in a wide variety of situations with useful hints and individual tips.

    Take advantage of the Yelp recommendation portal, the filling station and pharmacy search as well as the fuel price search, country information or hotel search to make sure you always stay well-informed. Other services such as Park info, travel guide, weather and rain radar as well as the Kicker app are also available in your vehicle.

    You decide what you want to know – the applications in your BMW give you the answer to match.

  • BMW Online News

    Who says you have to go without up-to-the-minute news and other important information when you're on the road? At least you’ll never miss anything in your BMW: BMW Online keeps you updated on everything that’s happening.

    BMW Online keeps you in the picture with the latest news – selected according to your preferred categories, such as business or sport. To make you sure you can keep concentrating on the traffic while you drive, the selected news items can be read out via the audio system if required.

    You will find this function in your vehicle under BMW Online News.

  • BMW Online Office

    You’ve got mail. With BMW Online, you can also receive and reply to e-mails at any time straight from your vehicle.
    Remain in touch wherever and whenever you wish: with BMW ConnectedDrive you can also receive, read and reply to e-mails when on the road with the BMW Online service. Simply set up a mailbox with your own e-mail address, e.g. Google™ Mail, on your PC via the BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal. Under BMW Online Office, you can also create mailboxes from selected e-mail providers. If there are several e-mail accounts with the same provider, they will be clearly shown in the menu. Wherever you are at a particular moment, your messages will then reach you right away, and by the shortest route.

  • BMW Online Weather

    Whether it’s sunny skies or a rain front: BMW ConnectedDrive always keeps you informed of the weather you can expect at your destination.
    If you look under BMW Online in your vehicle, the service offers you a detailed daily preview as well as an outlook for the next five days. To stay thoroughly up to date, use the link to the precipitation radar of the BMW Online applications. Your BMW won’t leave you out in the cold.

  • BMW Routes

    BMW Routes is an interactive route planner allowing drivers to easily transfer routes recommended by BMW or their own suggestions to their vehicle and then retrieve them in the navigation system.

    At you will find a large number of suggested routes for Germany and other countries in Europe. Every route has its own character as determined by profile, landscape and stopovers – sometimes the focus is on demanding cornering, sometimes it is on interesting buildings or museums. Every proposal includes additional detailed information and images of possible stops on the way as well as restaurant and hotel tips.

    Customers with a BMW ConnectedDrive contract can use BMW Online to import all the routes into their navigation device, where they can edit them further, for example by varying the destinations and stops. You can also transfer itineraries that you have planned yourself to the vehicle. Simply use a USB memory stick and the USB port in your BMW or save the itineraries in the BMW Online portal beforehand.

    Use of BMW Routes requires the intuitive iDrive operating system together with the Navigation system Professional.

  • BMW TeleServices

    BMW TeleServices is based on direct, wireless communication between your vehicle and BMW allowing your Service Partner of choice to access the vehicle data quickly and easily. This guarantees personalised service for your vehicle as well as a quick reaction in the event of a problem.
    When a service is due, BMW Teleservice Call automatically sends all relevant data from the Condition Based Service system (CBS) to BMW. Your Service Partner can access the vehicle-related data and contact you to arrange an appointment, if necessary. Having access to the data makes it possible for your BMW Service Partner to plan how much work is involved and means that any Original BMW Parts needed can be ordered in advance; saving you time and increasing your driving pleasure.

  • Calendar

    Never forget an appointment again: BMW Connected brings your calendar entries clearly onto your vehicle display and appointments are read out on request.

  • Concierge Services

    Experience a superlative offer – with the Concierge Services from BMW ConnectedDrive. With this convenient service, you can establish a connection to our BMW Call Centre agents at the touch of a button. They will then be on hand during your travels as your “personal assistants”. Whether you’re looking for a particular restaurant, the nearest cash dispenser or an on-duty pharmacist or perhaps wish to book a hotel room – the BMW Call Centre agent is at your service and will send the relevant address details on request straight to your navigation system. You can use the Concierge Services independently of your mobile phone at home or abroad, around the clock, seven days per week and without incurring any additional costs. Use of these services requires the ConnectedDrive Services equipment package.

  • ConnectedDrive Services

    The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services forms the basis for using the personalised digital mobility assistant BMW Connected in the vehicle as well as the BMW ConnectedDrive functions, which provide the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features while on the road.

    The offer includes access to current location-based information such as weather and news, as well as an online search powered by GoogleTM and practical office functions. Services and features such as parking information, as well as travel and hotel guides can be accessed directly in the car without a smartphone via the ConnectedDrive menu.

    Also integrated is convenient, unlimited access to selected smartphone apps, which include use of BMW Connected in your vehicle. ConnectedDrive Services also provides access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, in which services and apps can be ordered and extended anytime and anywhere to suit the user's individual requirements. The equipment option ConnectedDrive Services offers all this and more, making every trip in a BMW a real experience.

  • Dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant

    The dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant makes travelling at night more pleasant and even safer. This equipment gives you the best possible vision in the dark, without dazzling other drivers.
    The system detects other road users and selectively excludes them from the high beam coverage. Headlight ranges in excess of 400 m ensure that hazards are detected in good time and guarantee improved tracking. The dazzle-free High-Beam Assistant requires the Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights equipment options.

  • Deezer

    Deezer is a leading global music service, providing instant and unlimited access to music you love. Unforgettable journeys need unforgettable sounds – which is exactly what you get with Deezer in your vehicle with BMW ConnectedDrive.

    Go to and enjoy 15 days of Deezer Premium+ for free. With Premium+ you can:

    - Listen without limits to millions of songs, in High Quality sound.
    - Sync your music to your device for offline listening.
    - Give music the attention it deserves. No ads, no interruptions.
    - Build your own music library with your favourite artists, albums, and playlists.
    - Explore thousands of artist and themed radio channels.
    - Receive hand-picked recommendations by our music editors.
    - Store your own MP3s on Deezer, so that all your music is in one place.

    Find out more about Premium+ :

    A Deezer Premium or a free Discovery account lets you enjoy thousands of free themed and artist radio channels.

    Just get into your BMW and enjoy your personal music entertainment.

    To use Deezer, simply download the latest version of the Deezer app for iPhone® and connect your smartphone to your BMW via the USB port or snap-in adapter. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    The availability of Deezer may vary from country to country.

  • Driver Profiles

    Driver Profiles allow drivers to save and call up individual settings in the vehicle – from the height of the seat, the preferred driving programme to their favourite radio station.

    BMW drivers can configure many of the driving, comfort and infotainment functions in their vehicle to suit their preferences. When the driver leaves the vehicle, the individual settings of the relevant control units are automatically saved in a profile file and assigned to the radio control key that was used. These settings are activated as soon as this key is used again. Three radio control keys can thus store three drivers’ profiles. This is a good idea when several people drive the same BMW, e.g. if it’s used as a company car. Alternatively, if only one remote control key is used, the different drivers’ profiles can also be accessed from the on-board computer via the Control Display (under Settings > Profiles). The profile can then be renamed, deleted or exported so it can be used in another BMW. This is done using a USB memory stick via the USB interface or by first saving the profile on the BMW Online Portal and then accessing it from there.

    Driver Profiles are a part of BMW ConnectedDrive, the intelligent linking of driver, vehicle and the outside world. They can be used to combine a wide range of settings: for radio stations, hi-fi system, navigation, functional bookmarks, seat, mirror, steering column, camera, light, central locking, Head-Up Display, air conditioning, language, BMW Personal CoPilot Driver Assistance and driving dynamics. There are four profiles available for each vehicle.

  • Driving Assistant

    The safety package Driving Assistant includes the camera-based systems Approach control warning and Person warning with light city braking function, Speed Limit Info including No-overtaking indicator and Lane Departure Warning, as well as the radar-based equipment Crossing traffic warning rear, Lane Change Warning and Rear collision prevention.

    At speeds of over 70 km/h, Lane Departure Warning recognises lane markings and draws the driver's attention to an unintentional lane change by means of vibrations in the steering wheel. If vehicles enter the driver's blind spot, Lane Change Warning issues a warning with a vibration in the steering wheel and a blinking warning symbol on the exterior mirror.

    The Crossing traffic warning rear makes pulling out of parking spaces easier. While the Approach control warning with light city braking function detects vehicles, the person warning reacts to pedestrians. At the same time, the brakes are pre-conditioned for faster responsiveness. If a collision is imminent, the system initiates a full brake. This function can be limited by darkness and fog. In dangerous situations, Rear collision prevention activates the warning blinkers at double tempo. If a collision is unavoidable, the pre-crash system is initiated and the side windows and glass roof, if featured, are closed.

  • Driving Assistant Plus

    The Driving Assistant Plus equipment option not only contains systems of the Driving Assistant option, namely the Lane Departure Warning together with Approach and Pedestrian Warning with City Brake Activation, but also Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function as well as the Traffic Jam Assistant.



  • Facebook

    Use Facebook even when in your BMW. With the BMW Connected app you can view your status reports on the display or have them read out even when on the move.
    You can also use the following applications with the BMW Connected app via the Control Display of your vehicle:
    Everything at a glance – Calendar.
    Never forget an appointment again: the BMW Connected app brings your calendar entries clearly onto your vehicle display and appointments are read out on request.
    The right station at all times – Web radio.
    Web radio provides you with countless radio stations from all over the world.
    Find the right way even on foot – Last Mile.
    Arrive at the destination set in your navigation system even when you’re outside of the vehicle and be sure of finding your way back to your car at all times.
    Fully up to date – News.
    Your very own personal news service: View the latest news via RSS feed.
    Advance information – Wiki Local.
    Find out more about your current location, your destination or a postcode. With Wiki Local, you won’t miss out on any information.
    Travelling economically – ECO PRO Analyser
    Driving efficiently becomes child’s play. The ECO PRO Analyser evaluates the efficiency of accelerating, braking and changing gear and awards stars accordingly (0 – 5). Useful ECO tips additionally help to achieve an even more efficient driving style.
    The BMW Connected app also informs you about the current availability of BMW Apps ready applications.
    In order to use the app in your BMW, download it on the App Store or on Google Play™, connect your iPhone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

  • Glympse

    Glympse allows you to inform other people of your whereabouts in real time via text message, e-mail or Twitter.

    With this app you can send links to selected recipients, who can then use them to keep track of your likely arrival time and current location. With the aid of the timer function, you decide how long your location remains visible. No registration is necessary.

    You can use the app in your vehicle in connection with your smartphone. To do this, you download the application on the App Store®, launch it on your smartphone which you then connect via snap-in adapter or USB cable with your BMW. You will find the connected application under BMW Apps and can operate it from there.

    The availability of Glympse may vary from country to country.

  • Google™ Services

    Travelling is wonderful. The GoogleTM services Street ViewTM and online search via voice control from BMW ConnectedDrive make sure that you don’t miss any information when you’re on the move.

    Are you keen to see what your selected destination looks like? Then select the Street ViewTM service under BMW Online applications and view images of your destination down to individual street level.

    The online searches under BMW Online let you search for destinations by free text search or by categories. To operate this, you can either use the iDrive Controller or the very convenient voice control function. The spoken search text is then sent automatically to GoogleTM and then you receive suggestions for possible destinations. You select the matching place – and the journey can start.

  • GoPro App

    Use the gratis GoPro App for snapshots and video recordings of your favourite routes. The app enables you to operate a GoPro video camera mounted on or in the vehicle via the Control Display, so that, for example, you can conveniently take photos or start video sequences via the iDrive Controller. In addition, via Wi-Fi you can also switch the camera on and off, read information about the charge level of the camera or set various modes.
    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it from the App Store, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app together with the “Connect & Control” menu. Then you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the vehicle display.

  • High-Beam Assistant

    Enjoy greater safety and comfort when driving at night: the High-Beam Assistant detects other road users in good time and dips the headlights automatically, then returns to full beam when traffic conditions permit.
    A camera integrated in the rear-view mirror monitors the headlights of approaching vehicles up to 1000 metres away and the rear lights of vehicles ahead up to 500 metres away. The system switches the headlights from full beam to dipped beam automatically. As soon as the other drivers are no longer in danger of being dazzled, the system automatically switches to full beam again. Driving at night with the High-Beam Assistant relieves you of the need to constantly adjust your headlights and provides a significant boost to driving safety. There's no danger of forgetting to return the headlights to full beam on the open road or of forgetting to dip them in time for oncoming traffic. The system also reacts automatically to ambient lighting, such as within a built-up area. The High-Beam Assistant is activated by pressing a button on your light control switch. It can be deactivated when required by using the headlight control stalk.

  • iDrive Touch Controller

    With the iDrive Touch Controller equipment, you can conveniently manage the iDrive System with one hand. Thanks to the touchpad integrated within the controller you can enter information such as destinations for the navigation system conveniently in your own handwriting.
    You can also call up and adjust a large number of functions as well as scroll through lists. Operation is effortless and intuitive using the sense of touch – this reduces the burden on you the driver because it only makes minimum demands on your concentration which can thus remain fully directed towards events on the road. The Control Display allows you to conveniently follow all the functions managed via the controller.

  • Integrated SIM card

    Connectivity whenever and wherever you need it: the integrated SIM card enables you to use many BMW ConnectedDrive features without the need for you own mobile phone.
    The SIM card is permanently built into your vehicle as part of the BMW TeleServices (6AE) equipment option. Above all, this makes it accident-proof and able to assist you even in difficult situations. BMW TeleServices is part of the basic features ConnectedDrive Services (6AK) and Intelligent Emergency Call (6AC), which provide the foundation for using many other BMW ConnectedDrive features. Thanks to the integrated SIM card, you can thus use equipment options such as Real Time Traffic Information, Concierge Services, Remote Services or Internet, without the need for any additional devices.

  • Intelligent Emergency Call

    Intelligent Emergency Call from BMW ConnectedDrive can be relied on to automatically and quickly send for help in an accident, ensuring the vehicle’s occupants receive optimum assistance as soon as possible.
    An emergency call is automatically activated when the crash sensors register an accident and this is immediately transmitted to the BMW Call Centre. A Call Centre agent makes contact with the occupants to enquire about their condition.
    At the same time the agent receives data on the vehicle relevant to the rescue operation as well as the type and severity of the accident. From which side did contact take place? Which airbags were activated? And, depending on the model, did the vehicle overturn? Thanks to GPS the BMW Call Centre agent also receives information on the vehicle’s exact position, type, number plate and colour. Based on precise positioning data of the vehicle’s location, the nearest emergency services unit is deployed and supplied with all the information necessary to ensure they give the accident victims the appropriate medical care.
    Intelligent Emergency Call from BMW ConnectedDrive can also be activated manually, e.g. to help other road users. It works independently of mobile phones.
    Booking Intelligent Emergency Call includes free use of the BMW Teleservices special equipment option.

  • Internet

    Internet access from BMW ConnectedDrive brings the World Wide Web into your vehicle. Driver can access the websites of their choice from their BMW just as easily as they can from their home computer.
    The high-resolution websites appear in the cockpit’s Control Display or, in the optional Rear-seat entertainment Professional, in flat screens built into the backrest of the front seats (only for certain models). An extra function permits the screen details to be enlarged by a scale factor of 1.5 or 2.
    Web addresses can be entered directly into the browser’s address field and also saved as bookmarks. Symbols and letters can be entered in the same way as they are in a navigation system. The intuitive iDrive Controller takes on the role of a computer mouse: moving the controller in different directions moves the cursor on the display. Pressing the controller is the same as a mouse click and is used to select links or menu options. Turning movements scroll up or down a page.
    Data transfer is based on UMTS/HSDPA technology (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System/High Speed Downlink Packet Access) A special BMW server ensures that pictures and so-called applets with extremely high data volume are quickly transferred and displayed to the optimum.
    Internet connectivity in the vehicle is a service provided by BMW ConnectedDrive. For safety reasons, the Control Display only shows content when the vehicle is at a standstill. Internet access in the rear is available throughout the journey.


  • Lane Change Warning

    Lane Change Warning detects any vehicles in the driver’s blind spot or vehicles approaching at speed in the overtaking lane and warns the driver by means of a symbol in the exterior mirror.
    If the driver still indicates in order to change lanes, a vibration in the steering wheel and a flashing hazard symbol warn of the critical situation.
    The benefits at a glance:
    • avoids hazardous situations when overtaking or changing lanes
    • optical warning in exterior mirror
    • additional warning through vibration in the steering wheel

  • Lane Departure Warning

    The Lane Departure Warning including camera-based Collision Warning registers lane markings at a distance of 50 metres and beyond a speed of roughly 70 km/h. If the vehicle threatens to cross a marking unintentionally, the driver receives a warning in the form of a slight vibration on the steering wheel.
    If you operate the indicator during the process – i.e. you intend to leave the lane – no warning is given. Camera-based Collision Warning detects vehicles ahead and warns you if the gap becomes too small or if there is a looming risk of collision.
    The benefits at a glance:
    • reduced risk of accidents due to Collision Warning
    • driver is warned by a vibration in the steering wheel
    • enhanced safety when leaving lane unintentionally

  • Life360

    Life360 is an innovative, free-of-charge app that connects up families or close friends in an urban environment. At any time, you can show a selected group of people your current location – or, via the integrated map display, easily get information about the location of the other group members.

    Via the app, you can define groups within your personal network. Only authorised members of the respective groups can view your current location and then decide for themselves whether they would like to share their location as well. And you benefit from other practical functions: For example, the app can help you find the way to another member’s current location (in this case, a navigation system is necessary) or to phone the group members.

    Life360 is a certified BMW App ready application that you can, of course, also use in your BMW. First download the app in the App Store® and then connect your iPhone® with your vehicle via the USB port or the snap-in adapter. As soon as you start the app, you can experience its functions via the “ConnectedDrive” menu in your Control Display.

    The availability of the Life360 App may vary from country to country.

  • Message Dictation

    An office wherever you go: simply dictate your e-mails and text messages during the journey.
    Thanks to the new Message Dictation in the vehicle and the offboard speech recognition by Nuance®, your dictated messages can now be converted into text so that you always remain focused on the most important thing of all during the journey – the traffic.
    Message Dictation is activated with the iDrive Controller via the Office menu and converts what you say into a text message that can be sent immediately as an e-mail or SMS. The service can only be used in vehicles with the latest generation of the Navigation system Professional and selected smartphones.

  • My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal

    In the customer portal “My BMW ConnectedDrive”, you can manage personal data and vehicle settings that are necessary for using BMW ConnectedDrive services in your vehicle, in BMW Connected or via the BMW ConnectedDrive Call Centre. For example, you can activate Remote Services or set up your BMW Online Office e-mail account. You can also send addresses to your vehicle. In the integrated ConnectedDrive Store, services and apps can be put together according to your individual needs and wants. And in a newly created, separate Remote Cockpit, you can receive useful information on the current ‘status’ of your BMW.

    Please contact your BMW dealer for further information on registration in the My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal.

  • My Info/Send to Car

    My Info/Send to Car enables you and authorised persons to send a message (incl. navigation destination and telephone numbers) straight to your vehicle.

    You can then call up the transferred address in the vehicle under messages and include it directly in the navigation system at the touch of a button or dial the telephone number with your mobile phone connected via Bluetooth. The function My Info/Send to Car is available in BMW Connected My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal or via selected partners such as Google Maps™.

    You also have the option to get informed about addresses, telephone numbers or messages that have been sent to your vehicle – simply via text message. If required, an appropriate reply can be predefined in the input mask of your BMW and sent back at the touch of a button.

  • Napster/Rhapsody

    Napster/Rhapsody offers you millions of tracks from all genres and thousands of audio books. Enjoy your favourite titles – with your iPhone® or iPod® or also directly in your BMW.

    Find all your favourites via the search function or discover new songs with the Napster charts, the current new releases, the ad-free radio channels and playlists compiled by the Napster music team.

    Use Napster/Rhapsody online via 3G in your BMW. Music and audio books already downloaded at home via WiFi are saved automatically on your smartphone and can thus be called up at any time while you are on the move.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it from the App Store®, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    The availability of Napster/Rhapsody may vary from country to country.

  • Navigation system Professional

    The Navigation system Professional offers drivers a design implemented completely in 3D combined with an innovative interface concept and numerous functions for navigation, office and multimedia.
    As a permanently integrated feature in your vehicle, the Navigation system Professional has many benefits to offer: linking the system with the wheel sensors and the steering angle sensor means that the vehicle can always be precisely localised. This guarantees reliable navigation at all times, even when the GPS signal is weak – such as in a tunnel.
    Incorporation in the clearly structured BMW control and display concept makes navigation especially straightforward. At the same time various functions interact intelligently, so that the volume of music, for example, is reduced automatically before a navigation announcement explains the route.
    In addition to route directions and maps, the high-resolution colour display with its split-screen function and dimensions of up to 10.2 inches, depending on the model, also has options to show 3D road maps and photo-realistic images of sights en route. All menus are displayed in virtual, three-dimensional space and calculated in real time. A rapid 1.3-GHz processor with its own 3D graphics chip allows smooth browsing and scrolling; animations and dynamic transitions turn operating the system into a thrilling experience. Submenus appear as the main menus fade into the background while still remaining visible.
    The Navigation system Professional offers practical interactive options even when entering the destination: to provide the best possible guidance, drivers also see a map view of the selected destination in split-screen mode. If necessary, they can use a zoom function to alter the screen display and check whether the destination shown really is the one intended. The extended function strip allows the driver to personalise map contents without having to leave the map view. Every alteration is displayed immediately and can be conveniently changed as required.
    The High-Guiding Function is especially helpful when navigating in urban areas or where the road layout is unclear. Depending on the equipment package, the navigation information is shown clearly in either the multifunctional instrument display, the central Control Display or the BMW Head-Up Display. Lane Guiding supplies additional details so that you choose the right lane in time. The 3D city model view option makes finding your way in urban areas easier by supplying realistic images of roads and buildings.
    In its latest generation the Navigation System Professional in connection with BMW ConnectedDrive regularly carries out automatic updates of the navigation maps. As soon as updated material is available for the selected region, the update is transferred by mobile telephony thanks to the permanently installed SIM card – and this takes place up to four times a year. The update incurs neither licence fees nor transmission costs. Without the need to register or log in to a portal, the navigation system is always equipped with up-to-date maps. Even during the update process, the navigation function remains available without any restrictions.


  • Online Entertainment

    The right song for every situation, every road and every mood: with Online Entertainment you have direct and unlimited access to millions of music tracks in your BMW – without having to use any other devices such as your smartphone.

    Here you’ll find the right track for every taste. Using the Online Entertainment offer, you can open an account for unlimited music access with one of the BMW music partners. Yet the music is not only available in your BMW: you can also use your account on your smartphone and any other device supported by the specific BMW music partner. And all of this without any additional costs in a total of six European countries: France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Use of this service requires the ConnectedDrive Services equipment package.

  • Pandora

    Pandora is an Internet radio that searches for music to match your personal preferences – and now it does this in your BMW too.

    To listen, you just indicate the titles and artists that you like or rate the music you hear. Pandora will then compile individual playlists for you from similar tracks.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store®, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle. The latest version of the user interface now enables complete integration via Bluetooth as well, ensuring a seamless link.

    Please note that, due to licensing laws, Pandora can only be used inside the United States. Any attempts to access it from outside are blocked.

    The availability of Pandora may vary from country to country.

  • Park Distance Control

    Park Distance Control makes it easier for you to enter or leave the tightest of parking spaces. An acoustic signal warns you of possible dangers and thus reduces the chances of parking damage.

    Ultrasonic sensors at the front and rear of your vehicle calculate the position of potential obstacles. Intervals between the warning tones indicate how much space you have left. The closer you move towards the obstacle, the shorter the intervals become. If the distance falls below 30 cm, the warning tone sounds continuously as a signal to brake. In addition to the acoustic parking aid, a diagram of the vehicle and the obstacles appears in the Control Display (if present in the vehicle), which is particularly helpful during reverse parking manoeuvres.

    The emergency braking function Active PDC supports
the driver in reverse parking situations to avoid collisions and reduce the severity of an accident. So the driver can stay relaxed and enjoy greater safety while parking.

  • Parking Assistant

    The Parking assistant including linear guidance parks the vehicle completely automatically in parking spaces that are parallel or perpendicular to the street. Whether activated or not, the system measures potential spaces while driving past them at a low speed (below 35 km/h) and at a maximum distance of 1.5 m from the row of parked cars.

    Once a sufficiently sized space has been found, the driver only has to turn on the indicator and the Parking assistant takes over the steering, as well as se- lecting the correct gear, accelerating and braking. The driver is only responsible for monitoring the parking process. The system also gives instructions in the Control Display and additional acoustic signals. The Parking assistant emits an audible signal when the parking process is over, and shifts gear into P.

    When parking without Parking assistant, the Lateral parking aid uses additional sensors to monitor the areas to the sides of the car and represent obstacles on the Control Display. The emergency braking function Active PDC supports the driver in reverse parking situations to avoid collisions and reduce the severity of an accident. So the driver can stay relaxed and enjoy greater safety while parking.

  • Real Time Traffic Information

    Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) provides the most up-to-date traffic information at all times. Precise details about the location and duration of delays are transmitted in order to keep the driver informed, practically in real time, about the current traffic situation on motorways, country roads and on many routes within the city. Intelligent alternative route suggestions help drivers reach their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. The data are drawn from such sources as anonymous movement profiles from the GPS data of vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports, and also takes into account established traffic patterns such as peak commute times. With the Hazard Preview function, additional hazard notifications are gathered from the fleet of BMW vehicles' driving data and sent to the vehicle.

    The traffic information is clearly presented, with the roads depicted in green, yellow, orange and red. Furthermore, the equipment option Real time Traffic Information also includes On-Street Parking Information for a more specific and efficient search for parking space.

  • Rear View Camera

    With the Rear View Camera, you can see the area behind your vehicle in the Control Display when manoeuvring and parking. The Rear View Camera provides you with a better overall picture when reverse parking and at speeds below 20 km/h.
    Interactive tracking lines show you whether the desired parking spot has enough space for your vehicle and assist you when manoeuvring by means of colour-coded areas on the Control Display. In connection with the tow bar, the Rear View Camera has a practical zoom function that makes reversing to hitch up to a trailer so much easier.
    The benefits at a glance:
    • clear view of the area behind the vehicle on the Control Display
    • smooth parking or manoeuvring in the tightest of spaces
    • interactive tracking lines provide convenient support when parking
    • zoom function for the tow bar with interactive trailer docking line

  • Remote Services

    With the Remote Services of BMW Connected (available in App Store and Google Play Store), various vehicle-related functions, such as locking and unlocking the car, can be operated remotely.

    The vehicle’s location can also be indicated by honking the horn or flashing the lights, or on a map in the BMW Connected App. Users can also activate their vehicle's climate control immediately or schedule a time to do so in the near future.

  • Side View

    See what’s coming sooner: with Side View, your BMW always has its eyes open for crossing traffic at blind junctions or exits, even when your view of the situation is obscured.
    A glance at the Control Display is all it takes – it shows you a video image of what the cameras built into the right and left of your BMW’s front bumper can see. With the help of guidance lines, Side View also shows you the precise position of the front end of your vehicle. The simultaneous view of both traffic directions on the Control Display lets you assess the situation immediately. Even when you’re in motion, if need be, because Side View can also be activated at speeds of up to 15 km/h. The press of a button puts you in the picture: with BMW ConnectedDrive.
    Depending on your model, Side View is either a stand-alone equipment option or a component of the Surround View equipment package.

  • Siri activation

    Siri, the personal voice assistant for your iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®, can now also be operated via your BMW. Siri answers all your questions as usual and you can concentrate on the road traffic at all times.

    Activate the voice control by pressing the voice input button on your steering wheel in order to operate Siri. You can make calls with Siri, select tracks, have text messages read out, retrieve diary entries, add reminders and call up other useful functions. To make sure your eyes stay focused on the road, the display of the iOS device remains switched off during the journey.

  • Speed Limit Info incl. no-overtaking indicator

    The Speed Limit Info is a Driver Assistance system that reliably recognises and shows the driver the current and variable speed limits together with any signs prohibiting overtaking.
    Ordinary speed limit information systems often give incomplete or inaccurate information, because the maps used are out of date or the variable signs – e.g. speed limits at construction sites or due to traffic jams – aren’t taken into consideration.
    In contrast, the intelligent Speed Limit Info keeps the driver constantly informed about the currently permissible maximum speed. A camera built in to the rear-view mirror gathers data on permanent speed limits and the lifting of these restrictions and compares the information with the data from the navigation system.
    It also recognises and analyses speed restrictions with special conditions: if the camera registers a sign reading '60 km/h in wet weather', this will only be communicated to the driver if the rain sensor of the BMW sends out the appropriate signal – namely if the condition ‘wet weather’ is fulfilled. The same applies to speed limits that are valid at certain times of day or when driving with a trailer/caravan.
    Speed Limit Info also includes the no-overtaking indicator. In addition to speed limits, it monitors permanent as well as temporary road signs and takes note of possible restrictions on overtaking. This keeps the driver reliably informed of all overtaking bans and their validity. Depending on the model, this information is displayed in the instrument panel or also the BMW Head-up Display.

  • Spotify

    Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, which allows you access to millions of tracks that you can compile individually in your own personal playlists.

    From now on, you can also use the app quite conveniently in your BMW and search for your favourite tracks in various ways, such as by categories or genres, artists, titles or albums or also by labels or year of release. Spotify Radio is also available for you in your vehicle.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it from the App Store® or Google Play™, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle. The latest version of the user interface now enables complete integration via Bluetooth as well, ensuring a seamless link.

    The availability of Spotify may vary from country to country.

  • Stitcher

    Interviews, podcasts and live radio in one app. Your favourite shows on demand, up-to-date and direct in your BMW.

    You can select your favourites from a range of more than 10,000 radio shows and thus create your own personal radio station. Or even discover new shows. Stitcher gives you personal recommendations based on your listening behaviour.

    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store®, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Then straight away you’ll be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

    The availability of Stitcher may vary from country to country.

  • Surround View

    Surround View includes the camera-based functions Rear view camera, Panorama View, Top View and 3D View. The cameras in the exterior mirrors as well as at the front and rear of the vehicle allow for a 360° all-around view. In addition to the simple depiction of the driving space to the rear, Top View offers the driver a look over the door and the lane area to the car sides for more convenient manoeuvring. In 3D View, a computer generated 3D view is shown simultaneously, for an even better overview when parking. Panorama View makes navigating in areas with low visibility, such as driveways or confusing intersections, safer. A digital camera at the front centre of the car captures the traffic situation in front of the vehicle. This enables early detection of oncoming traffic so that the driver can react appropriately. The Side View function is automatically deactivated when the car reaches 15 km/h.

    The driver can switch between the three functions Top View, Panorama View and 3D View. The last selected function will be automatically reactivated when the system is next used. The camera systems are activated when the car is put into reverse or the PDC button or Panorama View button is pressed. The images captured by the cameras are shown on the Control Display.


  • Traffic Jam Assistant

    The Traffic Jam Assistant helps you in monotonous situations on the motorway. In dense traffic at speeds of up to 40 km/h, the system allows you to move easily along with the traffic and stay relaxed.
    It automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car's speed right down to standstill - as well as providing active steering support, too. This helps you stay on track, providing you keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.

  • TuneIn

    TuneIn gives you access to roughly two million podcasts and some 60,000 radio stations from all over the world.
    Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can listen to music, news, comedy programmes and much more free of charge. By the way, you can also listen while using other apps at the same time if you wish. TuneIn then continues running in the background.
    In order to use this certified BMW Apps ready application in your BMW, download it on the App Store, connect your smartphone to your vehicle via the USB port or snap-in adapter and launch the app. You’ll then be able to experience the individual functions via the iDrive Controller, the display and audio system in your vehicle.

  • USB audio interface

    Virtually all current MP3 players, Apple* iPhones® and iPods® and USB memory sticks can be seamlessly integrated into the audio system of your BMW.

    The titles are shown in either the Control Display or Radio Display. You navigate conveniently between the tracks using the radio controls, the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel or the BMW iDrive Controller. All common compression formats (MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA) as well as playback lists in M3U format are supported.

    You can also connect your iPhone® to the USB audio interface. All you need to make a phone call is a hands-free kit with a Bluetooth adapter. Having the USB connection in the central console enables the music players or an Apple iPhone® to be controlled directly. Connecting an Apple iPod® or iPhone® to the USB audio interface is simple and straightforward and – depending on the equipment – can be carried out using the original Apple USB cable or the BMW cable adapter available as an accessory.

    *iPod® and iPhone® are registered trademarks of Apple® Computer.